Traffic Advisory, Monday April 22

Traffic Advisory, Monday April 22 The Jita situation appears to have stabilized, with CONCORD fleets near the gates having departed. Freighters and haulers have been seen undocking from the 4-4 trade hub, and there is little fighting currently occurring outside the station aside from duels. Time dilation has ceased, and for all intents and purposes, the system has returned to normal activity. Despite this, freighters and haulers should still be careful while in-system, as local chat discussing Burn Jita is still appearing. Otherwise, the event appears to have dissipated.

Traffic Advisory, Sunday April 21

Jita activity is beginning to return to normal. CONCORD groups are still present in-system, and a large group of criminals and suspects was seen docked at the station neighboring the 4-4 trade hub. Freighter traffic has seen a notable drop, with no freighters seen near the 4-4 trade hub nor near the other Jita exit gates. Haulers are advised to only enter Jita if they have had an escort scout the system beforehand, and efforts should be made to spend as little time undocked in Jita as possible. Freighters are advised to wait until traffic advisory indicates Jita is safe.

Traffic Advisory, Saturday April 20

The situation in the Jita trade hub is deteriorating. CONCORD fleets are crowded around the gates of neighboring systems, indicating ganking fleets have passed through. Freighter traffic has dropped significantly, and a charon was seen being attacked by a fleet of ganking Brutixes outside the Perimeter gate. Sporadic fighting is occurring near the 4-4 station, but the main targets appear to be small ships, suspects and criminals, and freighters. CONCORD activity around the 4-4 trade hub is heightened as well as near the exit gates in Jita. Time dilation is sitting at around 50% of normal time due to heightened traffic. Haulers are advised not to enter Jita unless necessary. Freighters are encouraged not to enter the system this weekend, as they appear to be priority targets.

Traffic Advisory, Friday April 19

The Jita trade hub is currently unstable. Goonswarm pilots flying ganking Tornados and Catalysts are massing in-system in anticipation of the "Burn Jita" ganking event. No violence seen yet, but traffic and CONCORD activity near the gates and trade station are significantly raised. Some time dilation around 60% of normal time observed today in compensation for heightened activity. Local chat indicates anticipation of the Burn Jita event, and Goonswarm pilots are attempting to extort protection fees from passing freighters in exchange for safety from attack during the event. Haulers, Freighters and any other pilots are to ignore these requests, as they will most likely not guarantee protection.